International conference Organized on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Hydrology, SAS
Congress Centre of the Smolenice Castle, September 23. - 25. 2013



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The primary aim of the Conference is to provide a space for presenting and discussing most recent results achieved from hydrological research.


Conference topics


1. Hydrological processes and transport phenomena. Natural and anthropogenically affected variability of surface runoff. How surface waters respond to climate change? 

2. The transport of mass and energy within the soil-plant-atmosphere system (SPAS); mathematical and physical models of SPAS.

3. Mathematical modelling of the hydrological regime of soil- and groundwaters and their interactions with surface waters. Movement of solutes in surface and subsurface waters.

4. Characteristics of the temporal aspects of groundwater and soil water content fluctuations within a broader environmental context. Climate change effects and changes in soil properties on water in soils. 



Invited presentations

  • 60 years of the Institute of Hydrology, SAS, activities and research outcomes

  • Hydrology today and perspectives


Organized by:


Institute of Hydrology, Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Slovak Committee for Hydrology


Under the auspices of the Slovakian minister of the environment, Peter Žiga, PhD.,
and the president of the SAS prof. RNDr. Jaromír Pastorek, DrSc.,


Institute of Hydrology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic



Important dates


Deadline for registration: 10th May 2013

Deadline for payments - (bank transfer): 30th June 2013

Conference paper submissions deadline, which can be accepted in AHS: 10th May 2013

Acceptance of papers for Conference Proceedings on CD: 30th June 2013



Conference fee


Conf. Fee before 30th May 2013

170.- € 

Paid on-site

190.- €

One-day registration fee 
(bank transfer and paid on site)

70.- €

Publishing two conference papers in the Conference Proceedings

30.- €

We are not VAT payers

The fee includes: conference materials, CD proceedings, renting of the conference room.



Price list for commercial advertisement


In ACTA HYDROLOGICA SLOVACA (black-and-white) 

300,- €/one A4 page


400,- €/ one A4 page

In the Conference Proceedings 

200,- €/ one A4 page

On a poster board 

100,- €




Ing.Veronika Bačová Mitková, PhD.

Institute of Hydrology, SAS

Račianska 75

831 02 Bratislava


Tel: +421 2 49268242

Fax: +421 2 44259311




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